Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Miss GG like org gila! Titik!

I don't mind if u don't wanna read dis bcoz i just want to remember da moments i've cherished with her.....

beware because this is a long post, u might not reach to the bottom of it (LOL~)

haha......serius aku rindu sama my dear neyh.... she is one of my bestest fren ever!
We share quite a lot of same interest, such as anime, manga, drawing, reading,
Englishing (ada ka such thing?) haha~ yg penting aku meamng  memang senang berkawan ngan dia..she is such a dear, a happy person and quite good in giving advices and rarely turn us down if we ask her for anything!
She is the girl, man! Best gila kenal sama dia ne...we really get close tym form 3..ya..zaman kegemilangan librarian chill kat library, bilik akses, all da sneaking and all...organizing tayangan masa malam2..haha..almost cried kat dalam restricted area..tgk astro kat bilik cikgu...hahaha...byk sgt la kitorg da wat benda sama2..... n i like the fact that we both enjoyed english seriously, she is really good in writing stories, whereas i kinda prefer writing facts (yeah yeah boring me, i knows LOL~) we always read each other's essays and share our opinion..we even attend extra class with Miss Kamilah together..ouh..all those sweet memories... and she is really good in speaking english...very fluent i must say... i prefer writing over speaking or talking.... haha...cmna la mo survive t interview segala?

and just now...she is on9! at da FB chat..and i am extremely excited because i miss her like hell heaven!
and then i asked for her help in helping me understanding THE CURSE novel, the new literature for FORM 5 candidates dis year (in certain part of M'sia, Sabah obviously yeah) i don't hve da book in hands yet so i search for a chapter by chapter synopsis..... overall i can't quite get a grip of it as too many flashback and nama yg seakan akan like Azreen, Ashraf, ada confusion di situ.... LOL~
But many thanks to her coz she explained it all to me and i totally understand! except the part where both of us kinda blurr with da synopsis.... but i really appreciate her help! makes me feel a lot better....

Why do i read THE CURSE? well, let's just say there's a task for me to do..more like a favour from my teacher... but i think this story is kinda cool, there's a bit of mysteries, modern and traditional culture, superstition, etc etc.... (ok boring i know) nak tau baca la sendiri kayh..haha..eventhough aku lum lae baca da real novel..maybe Sabtu ney aku dapat...kool~

And pastu we talk about random things.... and aku dapat some cool links that she shared with me..haha...
links yg kitorg punya cup of tea..... like wattpad which is an EBOOK..lots of stories..later i will bertapa kat sini..haha... also mysoju sites for korean lovers! hehe..and there's also mangafox for reading manga online...saves my money on comic books..papay comic books...hahaha.....
if u guys want to check it out just click okayh.. like people always said, SHARING IS CARING! hehe

well, it's 4.30 am already..i want to wash my mom's i guess TTFN (Tatafornow) i learned it from GG....haha..miss u like crazy frog darlink!


Ace3103 said...

huaaa~ 4.30 a.m bha itu..haha
semoga friendship kmurang bkekalan! C:

Deekay Miaow said...

thanks Grace!


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