Friday, January 14, 2011


AloHa fWenz…huhu.. about me, myself n I ??? Actually I’m kinda simple..not!! 
Maybe I sometimes like perfection..especially in ma studies.. I love English..itz ma soul.. more than that I also fond of MIAOW2..hehe..such KaWaii Creature..huhu..
ma nickname iz OwreNch..yupz..itz ma coLouR.. I wAke up early but sLeeP LaTe! bestfrEN But ALSo Worst ENEMY would be NESCAFE..
 I also enjoy directing actually..i guess since I was in standard 6..hehe..followed by da Sound Machine, Drama team HumiNoDun n Pantomin..hehe..will there be more? IDK.. nEvertheless, sometimes these things can stress Me oUt.. 

I Also enjoyed AniMe n da Songs.. they r kawaii.. I like to draw them Too..ahakz.. I Like pictures.. it’s a sYmbol of Pieces of us..memoRy that we don’t want to forget, we captured it through the lEnse..haha..

umm.. mA hobbiez? Let see.. I like sUrfing the Not!! Haha..i like surfing da internet… FB....Name it! I rEad.. I sing… I Watch Movies sometimes wif ma cuzzy…I take picturez wif ma Fwenz.. n I eNjoY daydreaming a.k.a SleePing..zzzz!!

 I’M an EasiLy stress out person, out Spoken sometimes n I do Talk a Lot!! HEHe.. I like to HanDle things Myself..but I AlsO Like cOmpany.. I’m Sensitive n naughty girlz next door dat can butt in into Ur Life N giv Colours 2 those wHo in Blue.. I hope to Further study in I have to WORK HARD (eventhough I’m such A gArField) HEHE…

well,ma cuzzy said I’m a skema girl..but who caRes? Hehe.. I guess I really enJoy study..but I hate HOmeWorkz!! It sucks especially during HOliDay.. speaking bout holidayz I also enjoyed spending tym with My cuzzy.. Yani, K.Yang, K. eJan, k. Umi… n the list goes cuzzies r great!! I lOv Them..mmmuahh! 

Wanna talk bout my dislikes? Here Goes.. I Hate STrawBerries! I hate insects, sPiders…ewwww…… scary… wat eLse? I hate Carbonated drinks, fizzy drinks..hehe… there’s more but I guess dat sHouLd do it.. I listen to romantic songs..HEHE…I like Fantasy thingy like Harry Potter, Twilight, Narnia..wat else? 

I Don’t like to hurt other people, but if people hurt me, I wont blame them..maybe itz ma fault..huhu.. guess I don’t like people to be mad at me.sometimes I keep it all to myself.. huhu.. But at da end Of the Day, no oNe know whO I rEally am..i’m juz me, hehe…well..cAtch Ya later!!

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