Saturday, November 22, 2014


Assalamualaikum and hello people! * if there are still people

Yeah, agak lama, meninggalkan dunia blogging. Super lama i guess, latest entry was about my MUET Result, almost 2 years i guess. Okay, so... what have i become for these past two years?
Many, i tell u. Many many many things happen to me.

Currently studying at UiTM Shah Alam in Environment Technology course, Semester 5 *final year student, pray that i Grad on time amiin InsyaALLAH. We have small group of REVO here, and they are my source of spirit when i'm down, well, how can u simply moved on from a family? they are my sisters n brothers from another mother!

Well, cliche answer would be its complicated. Nah~ to be honest, maybe its simple. Jay and me are not together anymore. It has been 3 years now i guess. I felt that it was necessary to do, had it been we are still together till now, maybe i will have done more damage than it should, to both of us. I dont know about him, but i guess he is happy with somebody else now, and i am truly happy for that, coz i cannot do as much for him. People might say, tipu lah kau happy untuk dia. Aku, memang happy untuk dia. Sakit? Sakit tu.. ada.. in terms i couldnt give the best, i couldnt be with him, not in this condition. Maybe its a sign, that we are not meant to be. But i never ever regret everything that have happened between us. He taught me a lot, in becomng human. And that is something not anyone can do. So i am very thankful for that.

This one, is the thing which makes me have headache, cried and everything. Degree life are waaaaay different than Foundation, than school. I've cried a lot. seriously. But i still strive to survive. Ya, hati aku memang hati tisu. I'm not a strong girl, i admit. Tapi, for some reason, i still am alive today. Mcm gempak sangat masalah aku. Maybe its just me yang make it complicated. Orang cakap lama lama lali lah. aku... belum capai lagi tahap lali tu. so.. i am waiting for that itme to come.

saja nak update ni ja for starters. English da berkarat da.

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