Monday, November 24, 2014

All about u

I'm writing this because i felt about 1 year and i'm not convinced with myself that i will remember everything about u. Maybe... just maybe this piece today could help me remember the good memories and all about u. U love pink, although u didnt tell it to the world, u like pink, n i find it cute. U r the last in the family, but to me, u are my big brother, my saviour, my knight in shining armour, my peacekeeper, okay.. i exaggerated. haha. u are.

U like jamming, i guess. i figure, maybe u like guitar? coz u have a band, but i never actually get to see it, or hear u play it, i wish i have~ n u really are into Avenged Sevenfold hihi. i listened to it for the first time today, i guess, its not my jam. n u have this liking to Sinetron Indon, n lagu2  Indon. yang jiwang2. Lagu Gadis bertudung Merah, Hari Ini dan Semalam~ u like to cook. n u like to eat. hehe... u really like to eat. n i find it cute.

I always love your English proficiency, u told me when u were small u like to read encyclopaedia, well, that explains the brain in u. n that ur sister is English teacher, that explains why u are so good in English. I really do. we always have this rojak BM-BI conversation and i enjoyed it. We made up words, sentences that only we understood, others might think its not funny but for us, it sure make the hell laugh out of us. I miss that. as if.. my sel sel otak berhubung when i'm with u. the way u thought of me and remind me of the little little things, did touched me. is this how it feels? Having a brother?

I dont know where u are now, or when are u gonna be around, i dont even know whether u will approved of me blurting it out here.. well.. who cares anyway? i dont think there are people who read this blog anymore. i need some place to express everything. our friendship grew into something that is beyond friendship, a platonic relationship, or so it says. but it isnt platonic i guess, because we really care for each other, like sibling. like we are blood related, separated by time and event. separated by distance. but our hearts are close. close. close.

I admit. from the very first time i saw u at the backstage, i felt it. that, "I must know at least, this guy's name". how could u be so inviting when all u do is sitting there? looking at the floor, an image of a shy guy, but still have the pleasure to smile, even when u didnt look me in the eye. The eagerness to know u was, i dont know, maybe... mcm.. apa ya?

I look at the pamplet, searching for your name.. n i thought.. what a beautiful name. A type of name that i like very much. because your name have it all. a criteria of names that i love. A good meaning, n ada alphabet yg aku suka. How is it that, baru tgk nama ja suda ada rasa gembira? weird. but real. hakikat. N the rest is history. la sangat.

I initiated it first. To get my friend's number, but along the way, i get to know u. Anime Cardcaptor Sakura ckp, there is no such thing as coincidence in this world, n i guess, we are meant to know each other anyway, on that very evening. i am glad. All of our emails, i didnt get to keep it, satu hari tu aku terbuang, terdelete my sent and inbox. How stupid of me.

Remember how we used to email each other during Computer class? me during Sivik and kewarganegaraan and u would be during the French class. n its always start with u calling or bidding me mademoseille. we can only emel each other at that one time each week, n man, how excited am i when it is Sivik class hahahahaaa. we told stories worth of a week time. everything, anything, wish birthday pun thru email. Hahahaa. sbb takde henpon. budak baik sangat. well, aku la takde henpon. dia ada ja.

We have same preference when it comes to Hlovate. Aku lupa, siapa yang perkenalkan Hlovate sama aku. not sure GG or U, but u lend me Versus, n i am hooked up to it. We used to quote Hlovate every now n then,
"miss u like orang gilak"
"come hell or high water"
there's this one quote that says, berkawanlah dgn org yg bila kamu melihatnya, kamu mengingati ALLAH. u are. u are. u really are.

I know, mcm exaggerate,mcm kau sgt perfect. we known for almost 6 years, but i dont think i have known everything about u, maybe i only know 5%of u, 13% what are the odds? i dont know. all i know is i remembered u this way. the kind of brother who would call me when i feel like crying, who will motivate me in times of sorrow, n just listen when i want to rant, but u also know how to give solution. mcm, every word is gold. haha over. i miss u bro. truly. siapa lg mo layan gila2 aku? my weird language? haha.

u always worried when i stayed up, hehe. n i always say its nothing, although it felt nice that there are someone who cares. haaaa, u play basketball. n rugby i guess. tapi basketball tu sure, but i didnt get the chance to see u play. such a shame. there are so many things that i wish i could have see u do. u know, for the sake of not regretting it.

masa aku sedih dulu u give me this one song, Sabar. Wani ft Hafiz. my do i smile like idiots for days. lagu tu ada zuuk. ada soul. it really did lift up my mood. i think i should listen to it now. i miss u

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