Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sorrowful entry contest by RAFIE IZWAN

The school bell rang signing for all the students to go back home. Everyone gleefully rushed out the school gate and headed their own separate ways. Some by bus, bicycle, and even some were picked up by their parents. I, on the other hand, prefer(not exactly,but forced, no money to catch a bus) to walk and stroll along as my home was nearby the school(i lied, its about 1KM). But, today is the D-day for me as i have one mission to be accomplished! Yes, i've saved up my money since the last two weeks to buy this one creamy and mouthwatering VanillaHigh Ice cream! Oh, the delightful smell of the vanilla, the crunchy almond spread with chocolate paste and the core of the ice cream is filled with tiramisu! Oh, heavenly great Ice cream i guess! (Because i never taste it).

 There's this one stall outside my school gate selling it. But, the Ice cream sure comes with a price. RM15.00 man! It cause me arms and legs as i'm not born with a silver spoon and obviously not in the bed of roses! But, for the sake of this VanillaHigh Ice cream which actually do make me high, like an addict, I don't care. Surely my dad won't give me RM15.00 for an ice cream. So, before i finally reached this day i was doing a part time job around my neighbourhood  which is lawn mowing their yard! (Okay, my neighbours are kinda rich).Boy, it was really tiring! But, because of this finally, TODAY, TODAY, and TODAY i finally get to buy the ice cream!

Okay, its attack time! Okay, slow and steady Rayyan, the stall is not going anywhere. Oh my GOD i really am intoxicated, i can feel my adrenaline rushed as i headed to that stall, okay, no customer right now. Perfect! No competitor or whatsoever can stopped me! Today, Rayyan will get to eat that VanillaHigh Ice cream that everyone in his class blabs about. Today, Rayyan, son of the fishmonger can finally taste the ice cream that usually the rich kids buy. Today, nobody gots in my way!

*Upon reaching the stall
"Uncle, one VanillaHigh Ice cream please"
" Coming right up kiddo"
While i was waiting for him to prepare the Ice cream, i saw two little kittens just 10 feet away from me beside the road. Oh my they are the cutest thing! Their colours are shiny sunshine yellow with orange pale stripes. I guess they are siblings or something, so identical! They are playing beside the road, pushing each other away and biting each other. Well, cats thingy. I wondered if i can take them back home...

"Kiddo? Your ice cream." My concentration is back on the ice cream. 
"Uh, thanks" as i handing the 15 RM1 note to him. Finally!!! I get to eat the Vanilla High Ice Cream!
Suddenly i felt the road is grumbling. Oh, a truck is heading towards here. Wait a second. The kitten! 
They are still beside the road, one of them are a bit too far stretched to the main road while the other is in the safe position. I screamed my lungs out and waved to the truck driver to stop.

" STOP THE TRUCK! STOP! STOOOOOOOOP!" I ran towards the truck by the sidewalk. But i was too late. Blood splattered everywhere and also onto my trousers and dull white shoe. 
"HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONKKKKK" the truck just honk me and then quickly passed by.
I was flabbergasted. I kneeled down. IT CAN'T BE...... The VanillaHigh Ice cream was left untouched and i put it on the pavement. The other kitten, died by the truck. Its body was totally shredded. The other kitten meowing and sniffing his little brother. I think it didn't get it yet. Your brother just died sweety. I whisper, as if it understand.

"Meow, meow..meoooowww" the kitten pushed the lifeless soul of the brother's head that remain untouched. I've just seen them playing with each other, they were just a dear, maybe only few weeks old. Why do it has to dieeeeeeed!!!!!!!? 
The little kitten looked at me with its sorrowful eyes, yes dear, your brother is no more. Its gone. Forever.
I looked at my VanillaHigh ice cream that are slowly melting down in that enormous cup. If only i didn't lose my attention just now, i might have save the kitten. I picked up the kitten and the ice cream to the nearest bench. I scoop some of it and put it on the bench, offering the vanilla part to the kitten, as some people said that cats cannot eat chocolate. Boy, it didn't have the heart to even lick it! I think the kitten too also is shocked and traumatized by the whole scene. I wondered if it too felt guilty for not been able to save its little brother. I wondered.....~

 I ate the VanillaHigh but i just can't taste the supreme feel of it. I was just too sad... yes, indeed, i never ever seen anything died in front of my eyes. To add up my sadness is the fact that a little kitten died! I was bursting into tears, and i picked the kitten close to my chest, kissed it and pat its head. I think the kitten is also crying as its just remain silent and closed its eyes. I didn't even have the mood to finish the ice cream. I wiped my tears and i was ready to put the kitten back on the bench. But, something strange happened. I can't hear the soft purr-ing of the breath anymore. I lifted it up, the eyes won't open! I check the heartbeat, i leaned my ears to its chest. GODDD, the kitten died in its sleep! Following its little brother too! 

At that moment i just screamed like a maniac! Everyone across the street was frozen by my action. Imagine seeing a boy with bloods over his trousers and shoes, with a dead kitten on his lap, screaming and crying like hell...... I am the one. But i guess, no one will understand my feeling. I really am an animal lover, cat lover to be exact. 

I walked back at the Ice cream stall, asked for two free plastic bags and headed to the accident scene. I picked up the leftover of the dead crush kitten and put in in the plastic bags. And the other kitten i put in another plastic bags. I went back into my school and headed to the gardener of my school house to borrow spade. He lend me without questioning as my eyes were already swollen by crying so hard. I dig a grave for them behind the school field. 

"Wish you rest in peace, little fellas"

That night, i dream of them playing cheerfully and smiled at me ( i guess they are).

Credit to google and pemilik picture ne (x taw siapa)


Shahiraa Aqilah said...

wa! sukak!
sedi gylaa.. bole mng ni!
gudluck! :)

Deekay Miaow said...

hehe, thanks kiky~
kamu juga gud luck =D

nemo~ said...

sedeyh2.... :'(... moe copy...

Nurhaziqah Anuar said...

wahhh !!
nice nice !
mmg kau la jgk x boleh dpisahkan dpd kucing .
buat cerita pun pasal kucing . heee

Deekay Miaow said...

hehehe..Qaqa, crita kawan aku ne genk, aku ubah sikit2 ja. tapi part kena gilis truck n adik dia kuis2 dia tu mang betul. hohoho


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