Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Photoscape freak! Flashback again!

Okay, most of it i take myself. I got this 'sickly' hobby of taking pictures while waiting for my mom untuk bersiap.... seriously. Haha.. makin byk pix means makin lama la my mom bsiap. Got it? hahaha... 

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From my dear friends, L13 mates, Zieyll, Moa, and Fendi

Now i have 3 MEMORY BOX, u see i didn't throw away anything that anyone gave to me. 
Its nice to keep all of them and when u look at it u remember the event that comes with it, even if it just a candy or chocolate wrap <3

Kromium shirt from Eryn_ Sorfiana
Novel from Angelena ( novel ne dari dia kecik lagi taw, dats why i loved it)
SpanBob Squarepen Wallet from c Abang
Bandana from Zieyll Bluehazel
Ring File from Fiey Asmat
TURBO bag from Qaqa Ferish

I got all this before we leave da school.. everyone is trading stuff with each other ^_^
 i practically gave everything but ended up getting something from all of them..
hehe, banyak lagi ne. But, nanti la upload. hahaha.....


Ace3103 said...

wahh..byk juga koleksi kw ne ahh..
nice2.. :D

Deekay Miaow said...

thanks grace! there are still more yet to come.. hehe ;)

die fin said...

semat plak blog ko ni..ajar bha aq mo jak zaq berblog2 ni


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