Tuesday, February 22, 2011


( Michelle tagged me in dis answering survey)
I got this srvey from Je Wednesday!=)
Nine things you wish you could say to nine different people: 
1. Aku harap ko heppy selalu kayh..
2. Damn it i'm so jealous of you!
3. Boleh tak stop tanya bila result SPM keluar?
4. Sue, chayo2!
5. I miss u like orang gilak!
6. Camna wa mo pro driving neyh....
7. Emma Akhma can't wait to meet u!
8. Thanks for your thoughts, I appreciate it!
9. Can't wait for Friday to come..

Eight things about yourself:
1. I sleep after 6 a.m
2. I'm losing fat day by day
3. Quite a pushover but if I get annoyed i will snap!!
4. I love wearing shorts!
5. Currently i hate noises (prefer tranquility)
6. I watched Junior MasterChef Australia
7. Addicted to Kejora dan Bintang!
8. Everyday i drink one damn good Hot Milo 3 in 1!

Seven things that cross your mind a lot:
1. How will my SPM result turn out?
2. When will i get my healthy weight?
3. Should I tell my mom bout him?
4. Can i get 3.5 ++ in each sem?
5. Will i survive in this bizarre world?
6. Aiyooo..when will my bedroom become tidy?? (LOL)
7. Dress, dress, and dress

Six things you wish you never did:
1. Crying like hell at school and is blamed for it (kinda)
2. Cold war with Amil Aedy for 1 year ++ (now ok xua)
3. Sleepin at Physics class...sorry Mr Hasli!
4. Messing up my room...haha
5. Said bad things to people or hurt them 
6. Hurting my teachers heart

Five Things You Always Have With You:
1. My two phones, X6 and satu lg x taw model pa.. LOL~
2. My Clean & Clear Oil control film
3. My Midnight fantasy perfume
4. My sling polka dotty bag
5. Eskulin Sanitizer! (Orange colour)

Four Bad Habits:
1. Sometimes i tend to be prejudiced
2. Insomniac freak!
3. I cannot hide what i feel, it is clearly shown with my expression
4. A number one procrastinator!

Three Favorite Memories:
1. English drama 2009!
2. My life in SMSLD!
3. My childhood in Sipitang! Miss all da memorabilia!

Two things you want to do before you die:
1. Go for umrah and haji in Mecca (insyaALLAH)
2. Have a loving husband ( hehe)

One Confession:
1. so many....can i choose to keep it a secret? haha


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Ace3103 said...

hehe~ i loike~
neway, jmpa d karnival!!


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